Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Day of School

And Miss Cara is a second grader!  She was really excited for school to start this year.  She wanted to wear her "Seahawks" dress for the first day of school since they were playing that night.

And here's a back view of her bun and her new backpack!

Here's to another great year!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Open House

Tonight was open house at Cara's school.  She will be in the second grade and has Mrs. Carlson for a teacher.  Bryan had her for a teacher, too, and had a great experience and learned a lot.  We were happy that Cara gets to be in her class.

I was excited to get a picture of the three of them together.

Cara has everything packed and ready in her backpack.  She's so excited for school to start!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Day of School-Ali

Since Ali left for school on Friday I had to take her "first day of school" picture last Wednesday.  Ali will start her senior year at Washington State University tomorrow.  She is double majoring with two business degrees; one with an emphasis in finance and one with an emphasis in accounting.
She did Running Start in high school, so she's actually two years ahead of her peers.  She will most likely go an extra semester and graduate in December 2015.
She's in an apartment this year and loves it already!

Have a great year, Ali!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ali's Apartment

We moved Ali into her first apartment this weekend in Pullman.  She came back home with us for the next two weeks before school starts.  She has her room all fixed up and virtually all she needs to do when she returns is bring her desk chair.  She wanted to do a gallery wall in her room and found an inspiration pic online.
I think her wall turned out pretty cute!  A couple of pieces she had from her dorm room last year and the rest were either made or purchased this year.

Her bed looks so comfy!  We wanted to use some of what she had last year and not have to buy everything new.  The gray comforter is new, but the turquoise duvet and pillowcases were from last year.  The shelf is new from, but the stuff on the shelf is from last year.

We looked and couldn't find a night stand we liked, so my hubby screwed two old apple boxes together and it fits perfectly!  The lamp is new from Hobby Lobby.

The sign over the door and the 'A' on her door were in her room last year.  You can kind of see the bathroom across the hall.

This dresser was in my living room.  We brought it for Ali's room and it, too, fits perfectly.  The t.v., jewelry box, and "Alison" picture holder was in her room last year, but the hanging ball and lanterns are new.

The door panel is new from and Ali found the little white cabinet this week for 50% off at an antique store.  The desk used to sit in her room at home with her doll house on it.  She refinished it and changed the hardware on the drawer.  Her chair is still being refinished at home.

The closet was open when we got here.  They had doors on them when John and I lived here.  It looked ok, but we wanted to cover it.  We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and got a tension rod and two curtain panels to hang.  It looks so much better!

This sign hung in Ali's dorm room last year, too.

Here is a peek at the bathroom.  It isn't finished yet because the girl she shares it with is still bringing some stuff.

Ali loves her room!  She should be very comfortable here.  The only drawback is the carpet is horrible!  It's dirty and stained and I don't think any amount of shampooing can get it clean.  She called the office and they said it will be replaced and they will move her things.  I sure hope they don't break anything!