Wednesday, February 29, 2012

B is Serving as a Senate Page

This is my last post left over from the weekend over on the west side of the mountains.  After we left Pike Street Market, we headed to Olympia where we were to drop B off to serve as a Senate Page this week for Senator Jim Honeyford.  A served as a Page last year and was very homesick, but had a good time.  I actually served as a Page for 2 year when I was their age; one year in the House and one year in the Senate.  This is a picture of the Legislative Building (AKA the capitol) that I shot from the car window before we got out.

We have a beautiful capitol in Washington State.  It is known as the "last grand building" built in the United States, because soon after it was built, the Great Depression hit.  We just don't build like this in our country since the Great Depression (unless it's a football stadium).

If you arrive an hour before the Page orientation, you get a private tour of the capitol.  We did it last year for A and learned so much that we went back for the tour again this year.  It was nice to have cousin L along, too, so she could learn about our capitol.

This is a 42-star flag hanging in the reception room in the legislative building.  We thought Washington would be the 42nd state added the year this flag was sewn, however, a couple more states slipped into statehood that year.  There are only 3 of these flags in known existance.

 Here is another shot of the reception room:

 Cara in front of the fireplace in the reception room:

After the tour of the legislative building, there is a Page orientation.  The gray-haired lady, L'Wanda, has been running the page program for a long time.  Here she is showing B and another boy the correct procedure for passing out papers on the Senate floor.

Picture of the state seal in the floor of the capitol rotunda:

I took this shot for scale.  Its a Tiffany Chandelier hanging from the capitol dome.  It's huge!
 The hallways form a square around the circle of the rotunda, so all the hallways look the same.  It's easy to become confused.  I just love the Tiffany chandeliers hanging in the hallways.
After the tour and orientation, we dropped B off at his host family's house and headed home.  There are 6 boys total staying at the house, so B is too busy to get lonely.  He seems to be having a great time, but will be happy to come back home this Friday.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Visit to Pike Street

We went to see Beauty and the Beast on Saturday in Seattle (see previous post) and then got up Sunday morning and went to Pike Street Market.  We wanted to buy some pussywillows and tulips and eat our way through the market.  Here is one picture of the sound:

Another picture of a  ship coming in.  I love the view!

We were there fairly early in the morning so it wasn't that crowded yet.  This is a shot looking down the main interior part of the market.

Here are the kids posing out in front of the huge "piggy bank" in front of the Pike Street Fish Market.

We ate mini-donuts, crepes, macaroni and cheese, and cookies.  We bought bread and pasteries and pussywillows, and tulips.  About halfway through the market, cousin L said, "I've never been here before.  This place is awesome!"  Wow!  We had no idea she had never been before.  We probably should have gone a little slower so she could have seen more of it.  Our family goes 3 or 4 times a year.

As we were heading over the sky bridge back to the car, there was a bunch of commotion going on down on the street.  We asked a few people watching/snapping pictures from the sky bridge what was going on.  Apparently about 2 years ago, a Native American man was shot by a Seattle police officer and many felt the whole thing was handled unjustly.

This totem pole was the last piece the man was working on before he was killed.  The crowd was carrying the totem pole through the street and it is to be erected at Seattle Center as a memorial to the man.  It was an interesting scene to witness.  Today would have been the man's birthday.
It was a really fun time.  We left with full tummys and beautful flowers. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Every couple of years or so we like to get the kids tickets to a broadway show for part of their Christmas present.  This year we got tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Paramount Theater in Seattle and we brought cousin L along, too!  This picture was taken in the Seattle Convention Center.  We parked there and walked to the show.

I would have liked to get a picture of the sign that was NOT cut off at the top, but as I was trying to take the picture I was being accosted by a teenaged bum that was trying to convince me that if he was my child, I would give him money.  As we walked away my kids said, "No you wouldn't, you would tell us to get a job!"

 On the steps inside the theater.  Blurry pic.

Another picture overlooking one of the balconies.  Cara was busy pouting, so she was asked to step out of the photo op.  ;)
The show was very good.  A bit too long for the 4-year-old, however.  She fell asleep midway through the second half.  I'm suprised her snoring didn't interrupt the people around us!  After the show we went to dinner at Bucca de Beppo's and did a little bit of shopping at Redmond Town Center.  It was a really great evening and I can't wait to see what shows will be coming to the Paramount next year.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A good night for hot tubbin'

She looks so angelic when she poses; you would never guess she threw a colossal fit before I got home, had to go lay down, fell asleep, then threw another colossal fit because she wanted me to carry her to the potty before dinner. I told her I would carry her if she stopped whining, she didn't, cried and screamed from the bedroom doorway through dinner, then decided she would eat if we took her hot tubbing.  She got ready in a hurry, but wanted her picture taken.  I only had the zoom lens on and was too tired to switch it out so her feet are cut off. :)

She is sweet, even when she's naughty.  I think she just got overtired.  She worked outside with Daddy all day, so she got a lot of fresh air.

That's a small WSU Cougar flag in her hand.  Some kids carry security blankets, Cara carries a Cougar flag.  Sometimes a Chinese flag when she can find it in her toy closet, but the Cougar flag is her first choice, smart girl!
Tomorrow we are driving to Seattle to watch Beauty and the Beast at the Paramount Theater.  She is so excited to go!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hugs and Kisses {I heart faces}

Let's see if this works. ;)  I've never submitted to I heart faces before, but this week's theme is hugs and kisses and I had a pic in mind to enter.  C's mom wanted some more senior pictures taken.  He agreed, but only if A took some pictures with him.  Here is one I took on that day.

Photo Challenge Submission

A's Weekend Photo Project

I'm not sure if she found this idea on Facebook or Pinterest, but A wanted me to take several pictures of her with her arms certain ways so she could form this collage:

I think it's fun!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cara's Spring Fashion Show {Sunday Snapshot}

I'm not gonna lie...I LOVE shopping for Cara!  And she grows so fast that I get to do it frequently. :)  One of my favorite places to shop for her is Naartjie.  Naartjie is very flowy and boho; B says all of the clothes look like pajamas.  This outfit is another one picked up by Grandma and Grandpa on their trip.  Grandma knows Cara likes Naartjie.  Both pieces are a size 5.
 I had also placed a spring order to Naartjie and it came today.  Love this one!  The top is a 5 and the capris are a 4.
 This dress is so flowy.  A thinks it's "too much" with the leggings, but I like it!
 The back laces up.  Both pieces are size 5.
 I think this color looks really good on Cara.  I thought I would like the blue outfit the best, but I think I like this one better.  The top is a 5 and the shorts are a 4.
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Stefanie did a really good post on sleeping and attachment.  If you happen to be adopting, it's an important read.

Cara's New Dresses

Cara's Grandma and Grandpa went to San Francisco last week for a little getaway.  They went to Chinatown and brought her back two dresses.  Cara wanted her picture taken in them today.

 Which one do you like better, the turquoise or the purple?
 And a picture of my sweet B from last weekend.  He and his dad are over in Tacoma watching the state wrestling tournament this weekend, and it's KILLING Cara to not have her boys around.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shanghai Acrobat Show {Sunday Snapshot}

J has been planning this for all of us for a long time.  He found out the Shanghai Acrobats would be coming to the Capitol Theater.  When tickets went on sale, he got online quickly and got us tickets in the center of the front row!  Here is Cara and Daddy waiting for the show to start:
 We all loved the show.  We saw the Shanghai acrobat show when we were in Shanghai, so we knew it would be a good time.  Cara was mesmerized.  After each act, she would say, "I wonder what's gonna be next!"  After the show, she got to have her picture taken with one of the performers.
 Of course we went out for Chinese food after the show.  Here are my 3 loves at the restaurant waiting for their food to arrive:
 Cara got a pink parasol at the performance.  She wanted to pose for a few pictures with it before she had to take her dress off and take a bath.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Candy Shots

I was inspired to take some candy shots after reading Lisa's blog.  After studying how she put her shots together, I laid out some Valentine's Day wrapping paper and my M & M's.  I had my natural light coming in the same direction, too.  However, my shots are not nearly as appealing as hers are.  Too many shadows in this one:

This one looks a little dark and shadowy in the bowl, too.
 And my favorite little dolly-girl's hand swiping candy after mommy was frustrated with her picture taking ability! ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My big girl

On Sunday when I took pics of Cara, A wanted some pictures taken, too.  She was all dressed up for the Super Bowl party and went outside to pose for me.
 I really like this picture of her.
 This one was taken in the entry of our house.  It's a little bit too dark for me.
I need to get some new pics taken of B, too.  It's just really hard to get pictures taken of him.  His hair grows so fast that he always looks scraggily. :)  Maybe I just need to settle for the scraggily shots.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cara And Her Candy {Sunday Snapshot}

We went shopping yesterday and Cara picked out some Valentine candy.  She looked so deliciously cute today for Super Bowl that I asked her to come outside for a mini photo shoot with her little dish of M&M's.

I think these next three shots are my favorite.  She was so engrossed in eating her candy that she didn't even notice her cat, Noche, sneaking up to see what she was doing.

Stay away from my candy!

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