Monday, March 28, 2011

Beach Vacation

Where to go for spring break? At first we thought we'd take a road trip to San Francisco; Irish Coffee at Buena Vista, riding the cable cars, Alcatraz, wine tasting...then we added up the cost. Then we remembered, oh yeah, we just went to China in October. San Francisco was not in the cards this year. We decided that Lincoln City, Oregon was a better option. We took the camper to cut down on the cost. We bought Cara a "princess" sleeping bag and spent several days cleaning the trailer and playing around in it. We were trying to get her comfortable with the camper and taking a trip away from home. She has done remarkably well. She hasn't slept in her sleeping bag at all; she has put her dolls to sleep in it. She slept with A one night and with mommy and daddy the rest of the trip so far. Grandma and Grandpa also decided to go along so she has been surrounded by family. We've had no night terrors and she has had so much fun! It has pretty much rained the entire time we've been here, so it has been hard to get down to the beach. We went today and Cara had fun with daddy, B, and Grandpa, while Grandma, A and I stayed in the truck and watched.

She played in the sand for awhile with the new sand toys Grandpa bought her"Here is one of J, Cara, and me. Yes, I jumped out of the truck to pose and jumped right back in. Tomorrow we will go to the aquarium in Newport. We'll see what Cara thinks of that. She has been fun to watch with so much seafood available to eat. Normally she's like a human garbage disposal with food. It's even more so when there is seafood to eat!

I'm so glad this trip has gone smoothly so far. She isn't a fan of staying in her carseat for very long, so it's a good thing San Francisco was out of the question this year. She's been OK on this trip to the Oregon Coast. We'll see what the next few days bring.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Cougs!

Just had to add the Minnie Mouse pj's pictures. This is a girl who has NEVER shied away from having her picture taken. ;) She gets pretty silly with her poses sometimes. When I was reading up on attachment, I really focused on the Nancy Thomas "Taming the Tiger While It's Still A Kitten" CD/method. I bought the CD and booklet and have gone through the materials at least six times. Nancy Thomas talks about how kids with attachment issues will pull their lips back and do a kind of baring their teeth type of smile. A really fake, non-genuine smile. Cara has never really done that very much. Don't get me wrong, she did do that at first and many of her first pictures show her with sad, sad eyes. But, for the most part, her smiles are pretty genuine.

She's so cute!!!!
I have wanted to do a post on her hair for a while now. When we got Cara, our guide, Denise, thought Cara's hair looked really good. Her hair did look good at the time. It was still glossy black, but it was not soft at all. What I continue to be amazed by is how much keeps growing in. This picture show all new hair coming in. This is 5 months worth of hair growth. It is growing in in huge globs! Its soft now and is thickening up. I love it, but at this rate, I'll never get this hair in ponytails!

We went to Pullman last night after work to watch WSU play in the NIT tournament. We went to a store called Crimson and Gray and got this dress for Cara. She did pretty well for the game considering she only had a 1/2 hour nap all day. We got home around 2 a.m. and had to go to work today. Our butts were dragging all day, but it was a really good time! Go Cougs!!!! Their next game will this coming Tuesday at Madison Square Gardens!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Night Dress Up

First she was a dancer,

Then a princess fashionista,

Then a princess cheerleader.

This is what the morning after looks like! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Long Lost Pics of the Barbie Store

We finally got our pics of the Barbie Store! A had forgotten her camera on the day we went to the Barbie Store, so our guide, Denise, took pictures and said she would email them to us. Well, we had been emailing Denise right when we got back, but she was having trouble sending the pictures. Then we didn't hear from her for awhile. This week she finally emailed us the pictures and said she had been in Sydney, Australia, for 3 months, which is why she hadn't gotten back to us. Here is A in front of the lucite, spiral staircase that goes through the middle of the store. As you can see, every other square has a Barbie in it wearing a different pink outfit.

B hugging Barbie. :)

I think B was just about as interested in the Barbie Store as A was!

B kissing Barbie. He doesn't play with Barbies at home, honest.

Now for some sad, sad, Barbie news. My understanding is they closed the Shanghai Barbie store the past Wednesday. J read it on I guess they closed due to lack of sales. It's too bad because it really was an awesome store. I'm thankful, though, that we did finally get pictures from that part of our Shanghai adventure.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guess Who...

Has worn her panties all week without an accident!?! Yes, it's only Wednesday night, but so far, so good! She got a new dress in the mail today and she was so excited. She had to call Grandma and Aunt D to come over and see it. I think she's planning on wearing it to daycare tomorrow, too. She's going to need leggings and a sweater because its still too cold for a short sleeved dress around here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Few Firsts

Last weekend when we were running errands we bought Cara a life jacket at Costco. We told her she will wear it when we go boating this summer. She's pretty excited about the idea of going boating, even though she has no idea what that is. Hey, if you get to wear a swimsuit and this super-cool life jacket it must be fun, right? She wants to wear it now, even though the highs are in the mid-40's right now where we live.

She's ready! I think after one toe-dip in the river this May/June she might not think boating is so great after all.

Whenever she sits like this she says, "This is how you sit in preschool." At least she's got that part down. Now if we could only conquer potty training.
This week we've had three major firsts. First of all, Cara has been sleeping in her own bed instead of between J and me. She has to lay between us for a few minutes with the light on and get a few snuggles. Then she wants to review what will happen the next day, which is very important for her. Cara needs to know exactly how the day will go in order to relax enough to fall asleep. Then she says, "I'm ready," gives her hugs and kisses and has daddy put her in her bed and tuck her in. She whimpers off and on during the night in her own bed, which breaks my heart, but night terrors have subsided for the time being and she does seem to get a better night's sleep, which leads to "first" number two.
Cara has not thrown a crying fit for a week when we've gotten her up in the morning. For the past 4 months she cries when we wake her up and pretty much whines and cries the whole time we get her ready in the morning. It's super annoying; expecially when we are all trying to get to work and school. She hasn't cried or whined this whole week. I'm going to attribute it to the fact that she gets a better night's sleep in her own bed. I know I do.
On to the last and possibly the best "first" of the week. She actually cried when she got hurt. This may seem like a silly first, but many orphanage kids don't cry when they get hurt. They've learned that no one will come help you or comfort you, so what's the use. It's awful! Cara has banged her head around and smashed fingers and never whimpered or shed a tear. We've been working hard on comforting her and showing her that her family will take care of her if she gets hurt, but she still acts like it's no big deal. On Monday, B went to buckle her in her carseat and accidently pinched the inside of her leg as he was buckling her in and she cried! B felt terrible and it actually wasn't really that bad. It left a little red mark but didn't bruise. I'm sure it hurt, though. The inside of your upper thigh is a tender area! She cried. For the first time over getting hurt. Yes, of course, we don't want her to get hurt, but for Cara to actually cry and know she would be comforted and get some kisses, and apology from B, and ice for her leg is real progress for our little princess.