Thursday, January 31, 2013

B's Freshman Wrestling Season

B is a freshman this year and we are almost at the end of wrestling season.  He is wrestling varsity this year at 113 lbs., which is difficult not only because he is a freshman, but also because it is the most competitive weight class in the state.
This is one of his matches from last weeked.  B is in the black.

He was behind in points coming into the second period, but the other boy make a mistake and B capitalized on it for the pin. :)

He has districts this weekend.  I will be happy for wrestling season to be over.  B has cut weight and I don't think his body is handling it well.  He has been sick for the past 3 weeks.  He had the flu the first week, threw up all night during the second week, and is currently wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with a cold this third week.

He had fun this wrestling season and got to go away to two overnight competitions for the first time.  He has wrestled since he was 4 years old and really likes it.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Lessons of the Year {Sunday Snapshot}

With B's wrestling tournament schedule this year, it's difficult for us to get up to White Pass for ski lessons.  There were no tournaments this weekend, so we went up yesterday.  I'm still recovering from the flu, so I slept on the way up, stayed in the lodge, only venturing out to get a few shots, and slept the whole way home.
A and B in line to catch the lift up the mountain:

Cara is finally 5, so she got to take her first lesson yesterday.  She was so excited!  She gets to do Kid's Clinic, so her lesson starts at 9:30 and she finishes at 3:00.  It's a long day of skiing for little ones.
I love this look of concentration on her face as she skis down the hill.
So proud of herself!  She loved the lesson and wanted to go back the next day.  She needed kids Tylenol once we were home because her legs were sore.  She will get her next lesson in two weeks and she's already looking forward to it!
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Monday, January 7, 2013

And they're off!

Today was the big day!  B finally got his braces off!  This is before...
And this is after!
They told us the appointment would take at least an hour.  The lady had the brackets off in 4 mins! The doctor checked B's teeth and said they looked great, so they took off the rest of the glue and made the impressions for his retainers.  We were out of there in under an hour.  He's still getting used to his new smile.  I think his teeth look great! :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seahawks! [Sunday Snapshot]

Today was a great day for post season football.  Fox is still fighting with Dish, so we have to use the local antenna.  Most of my family was over to watch the game because no one else has a local antenna.
It took some negotiating, because there were lots of cousins over to play with, but I finally got a picture of Cara and baby Jake in their Seahawks gear.
Seahawks won!  Yay!  Looks like the party will be at our house next weekend, too! ;)

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

We had a very low-keyed New Year's Day celebration here at the Funk house.  I saw a lot of people in the adopt Shanghai fb group were posting New Year's pictures of their cuties, so I asked Cara to pose for me so I could post one.  Her hair is getting so long and we just cut 3 inches off of it.
 We invited family over for a turkey dinner.  Dinner was great and we had 4 pies to choose from for dessert!  After dinner A and her bf went over to his aunt's house for game night.
 B and his gf watched the Rose Bowl laying on Cara's big stuffed dog that she got for Christmas.  They turned around so I could snap a picture of them from my recliner.
Everyone is either gone or in bed, but J and I are still up watching N. Illinois and Florida St. play.  Off to bed soon, because we all have to go back to work and school tomorrow...except for A.  She doesn't start back up with Running Start until Monday.

Happy New Year!