Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break {Sunday Snapshot}

Last year we went to Lincoln City, Oregon for Spring Break.  We decided to go back this year, too. The forecast looked like it was going to rain the whole time we were here, and it has rained a fair amount so far.  But today, it stopped for a little while, so we took Cara down to the beach to play in the sand.  She was so excited!
 She talked her brother into helping her build a sand castle,

But this storm was looming...
 I snapped this pic of A and her dad.  I think they thought it would be warmer sitting on the rocks.  Maybe it was.  A little...

Cara thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Even though it was cold outside.

As the rain started to return, I talked the three of my kiddos into taking a picture together on the rocks.
All in all, Cara got about 40 minutes to play before the rain started up again.  We have a few more days here, so hopefully she can get down to the beach a couple more times.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Fashion Show

Cara has had a few packages arrive in the mail over the last couple of days.  We had a little fashion show tonight after her bath.  It was more like a wrestling match.  Tomorrow is the Easter egg hunt at preschool and she is so excited she was bouncing around all over the place.  I could barely get her new clothes tried on her.  Just for some perspective, Cara will be 5 in June.  She is 41" tall and weighs 36 lbs.

This dress is from crewcuts.  It's a size 5, and it looks like I could size up to a 6.  I am picturing it with gold sandals and a nice little tan for summer.

This dress is from Naartjie; leggings too.  Both are a size 5, but the leggings are huge in the waist.  I will need to size down to a 4.  I love this outfit!

This outfit is from Naartjie, too.  Both pieces are a 5.  Again, leggings are huge in the waist.  I think the leggings are going back and I'm going to pair the top with denim cuffed capris.  Cara already has some that she wore last spring and summer and they still fit.

This romper is from Next; a company based in the UK. It's a 4/5.  I love it!  I wasn't sure about the brown color when I took it out of the package, but I think it looks really good on Cara.

She loves all of her new clothes!  Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Selling Tickets {Sunday Snapshot}

A is running for Miss Zillah.  Part of running for Miss Zillah is the obligatory 300 breakfast tickets each girl is responsible to sell in order to even compete in the pageant.  The girl that sells the most tickets gets an additional 10 bonus points during the pageant.  So A has been spending a lot of time doing this:

 And hopefully, but not always, some of this:

 More often than not, we run into this:

Would you buy tickets from this nice girl? :)

The pageant is on May 10th.  A is very excited.  I was Miss Zillah 1988 (that dates me!), and A would also like to be Miss Zillah.  We have a lot of work ahead of us for the next few weeks, but it will all be worth it during parade season.  Hey, want to buy a breakfast ticket for Zillah Community Days?  They're $6.00! :)

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Sunday Snapshot

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

From my little leprechaun to yours! :)

She's a bit ratty from being out it the garden all day with Daddy!  I haven't had much time to blog lately, because my time has been occupied with other things.  My Sunday Snapshot will be all about what we've been up to!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

51st Annual Sukiyaki Dinner

Sunday was the Sukiyaki Dinner in Wapato.  It is an annual dinner held in the Buddisht Hall and the fundraiser helps to run the church.  My dad got tickets for all of us to attend.  The dinner is a meal made of yam noodles, bamboo shoots, onions, rice, and prime rib.  It was SO GOOD!  Of course, the temple was decorated for the year of the dragon.  Here is one pic I snapped of the decorations:

Tables are lined up in rows.  As you walk in, you are greeted and asked how many in your party, then they seat you at one of the long tables where you are served your dinner.  I took a picture of our table and tried not to annoy others eating at the dinner as I broke out my camera.

Cara wanted to dress for the occasion.  She looked so cute in her new purple Chinese dress!

 More decorations:

People were pouring in to the temple; lined up for both take out and another line out the door to come in and eat.  The food was great and we can't wait to go back again next year.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pussywillows {Sunday Snapshot}

"Close your eyes,"

"and do not speak," 

"and I'll rub spring across your cheek."

Love that nursery rhyme. Wish I knew who wrote it.  Today was a wonderful spring day.  It got to 60 degrees at our house.  So needless to say, we spent most of the afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine.

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