Monday, July 29, 2013

Cara's Second Back to School Fashion Show

Cara has gotten a few more packages of back to school things in the mail last week.  She is 6 years old, almost 45 inches tall and 41 lbs.  I ordered this dress and leggings from zulily and it came at the beginning of July.  The brand is Art and Soul by Bercot.  Both are a size 6  and I LOVE it!

This shirt is a size 6 from Justice.  It came is blue, pink and purple. Cara wanted the blue.  I really like it.  Gray jeggings are size 6 from The Children's Place.

Jeggings, leopard cami, sweater and headband all from Justice.  She loves this outfit!  Had to pull the cami out of the laundry pile already for a fashion show.  Cami is a 5/6 and sweater is a 7/8.

Another option for the outfit.  This headband is soooooo cute, but the flower doesn't match the above sweater, so we added her Gap denim jacket that she already had.

Last one.  Camo sweatshirt from Nordstrom sale, size 6.  Super comfy and super cute!

What does Cara still have coming?  A North Face jacket from Dick's Sporting Goods ($12.00 shipped), a Jelly the Pug dress and black patent leather lace-up boots from zulily, and a dress and leggings from crewcuts.  I still want to get a dress (or two) and leggings from tea collection, but I'm waiting for a better sale than 10% off.  She also got a cami and Seahawks sweatshirt from the Justice NFL line, but I couldn't find the sweatshirt this morning for a fashion show.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gymnastics {Sunday Snapshot}

Cara was excited to pass two levels of gymnastics this week.  She only has 5 skills to pass and she will be a mini jet, which is one level below team tryouts.  She was showing us some of her "moves" in the yard tonight after dinner.  Her cousin J, is 19 months and was trying to imitate Cara.  It was pretty funny.

I wanted to take some new pictures of her since I got B's picture taken last week, but she was just too tired after playing and swimming all day.  I will take some tomorrow and hopefully do another fashion show since she got some additional packages in the mail this week.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doctor Visit and a Mariners Game

Yesterday was Cara's annual well child visit at the International Adoption Clinic at UW Medical Center.  We were in and out in 30 minutes.  Cara is at the 35%ile for height and 25%ile for weight on the international growth chart.  No problems, no worries, come back in a year.  Perfect check up!
We scheduled her appointment specifically so we could take Cara to her first Mariner's baseball game.  We were pretty excited because the Mariners were going for 9 straight wins.

Cara's requests were for cotton candy and lemonade, because they look good on t.v. ;) That's the only way she's seen the Mariners play so far.  But yesterday she got to see them in person WITH her cotton candy and lemonade.

It was a lackluster performance by the Mariners and they lost the game.  But it was a fun day and Cara had a great time, which was the most important thing.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

B's New Pic For The Wall

It's really hard to pin B down for photos.  He's either working, or the light isn't great, or he needs a haircut. :/
He go his hair cut on Friday so last night I said I absolutely needed a new picture for the wall in the hallway.  He said OK so we headed outside to the prop pile (boards that hold up limbs of apple trees once the fruit gets heavy so the branches don't break) and he let me snap a few pics.
He still has his braces on in the picture that currently hangs on the wall.  I really like this one, so I will send it off to get printed today! :)

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Girls

I just love the contrast in skin color of my two girls.  FYI, yes, they were wearing clothes! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Camping Trip

Our family headed to Lake Roosevelt last Friday and just got back this afternoon.  It's a five hour drive that I don't really enjoy.  Case in point, this is the first time in 8 years that we've gone.  I like it while we're there, I just don't like driving 5 hours to get there.  And I don't feel comfortable driving the truck and towing the boat.
We launched the boat as soon as we got there on Friday and I'm glad I had my camera, because this is the only photo I have of my three kids tubing together.  B didn't feel good so he didn't get out in the water to play much and he went home with my parents a day early.  Poor guy, he was really looking forward to this trip. :(

Cara likes to hold on to the rope while we're at the dock waiting for Daddy.

I've only seen bald eagles in the wild 3 or 4 times before this weekend.  I was happy to get a shot of this guy in a tree out by the waterfall at Hawk Creek.  But the best thing I saw I didn't get a picture of.  On Sunday afternoon, we were boating over to a spot, nothing special, and my dad noticed a dead fish in the water right next to our boats.  Then I spotted a bald eagle flying.  Next thing we know, he swoops down and snatches the dead fish right out of the water and takes off!  He wasn't 10 feet away from us!  Everyone was shouting, "Get your camera, get your camera!"  But if I would have done that, I would've missed the whole thing.  It was pretty amazing.  There were 4 bald eagles flying in the air at that time.  So cool!  We ended up seeing another bald eagle on Monday morning, too.

B and my sister climbing up a sand hill.  Cara and my niece climbed up it, too.

T came to join us late Saturday night and headed back home to Auburn Monday afternoon.  Cara had a blast tubing with him.

Cara has been wanting to knee board, so we decided to let her try.  She didn't like it very much.  She started to cry and we quickly got her back in the boat.  Maybe next time!

T and A at the waterfall at Hawk Creek.

It was a really fun time and the scenery was beautiful.  We'll see if we end up going back next summer.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cara's Back To School Fashion Show

Ok, so pics are straight out of the camera.  Please excuse the messy pony tail and no shower yet today. :)  Cara is 44 1/2" tall and 40 lbs.
Yesterday we went to the Nordstrom Anniversary presale at Clackamas Town Center.  I do a lot of researching prior to buying clothes for Cara.  She's my last baby, so I only want to buy what I really love.  Sadly, I haven't seen much for back to school yet that I want go get for Cara from ANY store...except for a few surprise places that I usually never shop.
My main places I shop for Cara are Gymboree, Naartjie, and zulily.  So far this year I've found nothing from Gymboree that I like and only a couple of summer short outfits from Naartjie.  I have found really cute dresses on zulily, though.
Where I think I'm getting the majority of Cara's back to school clothes this year is The Children's Place.  I NEVER shop there, but there's some super cute stuff this year for fall transition.
This outfit is from Children's Place.  Shirt is a 5/6 and pants are a 6 (waist is tightened 7 notches on each side and could be tightened more).  My girl is tall for her size but skinny. Shoes are leopard sequins just like the heart on the shirt.  I bought them last year at Stride Rite outlet.

This dress and leggings are from Nordstrom.  It's Tea Collection and both are a size 6.  I will go nuts with Tea Collection this fall.  Tea designs its collections from countries around the world, and this fall is China!  I'm in love with all of it, but only a couple of things were available for the sale.

This tank is a 5/6 from Children's Place. I think it will be nice for hot August/September school days.  Cara already had the shorts, but she will probably wear this shirt with cuffed denim capris for school.
Another Tea Collection dress, size 6.

This shirt was at Nordstom Sale.  It's a 6 and says, "My wishes are your commands."  Ha ha, so true!

This shirt was also at the Nordstom Sale.  It's flannel and has pin tucking in the front.  So comfy, but it's a 6 and a little small, so I ordered the 6x this morning and we will return this one.

There's also a dress and leggings, a short sleeved hooded sweatshirt with sequin pockets, and a gray leopard tiered cami I want to get from Children's Place.  They didn't have them in store and a couple items are online only.  That should be it for fall for Miss Cara (other than more Tea Collection).

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Swimming Lessons

My parents put a pool in this spring, and one of my sister's in law arranged for private swimming lessons for the kids.  At first I was a little leery of private lessons, because A and B had private lessons for several years when we lived in Grandview and I don't think they got much out of them.
But I decided to give it a try.  I have to say, I've been impressed.  Teacher J does a good job with the kids and Cara has learned a lot!  Tomorrow will be her last day of lessons for the summer since the rest of our summer schedule is rather full.
Cara decided to stay home for swimming lessons rather than go shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary pre sale!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Dress

Cara got a new dress in the mail last week, and I've been waiting to get her outside to take pictures.  I ordered it on zulily and the brand is mim pi.  There is a hillside of weeds/wildflowers over by the farm office that I wanted to use as the background for my shots.  I was afraid they would be flattened after the storm we had over the weekend, but they were fine for pictures tonight.

I forgot to have her take her Barbie Band-Aid off the side of her leg before I took pics!

And guess what!  Another new dress came from zulily today!  More pictures coming soon...