Monday, December 21, 2015

Annual Visit to Santa

We took the girls to see Santa today at Riverpark Square in Spokane.  The line was quite long when we got there, but that's nothing out of the ordinary.  Soon enough, they got to see Santa.  

Cara wants aqua gems and Sophia wants a new phone.  We will see what Santa brings in a few days!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Choosing A Christmas Tree

Once Thanksgiving is over, we find our Christmas tree.  Saturday morning we got up and headed to Yakima.  The past couple of years we have found great trees at True Value on Washington Ave.  We went there again and the kids picked the perfect tree.  Here they are...a little cold! ;)

And here is our tree decorated for Christmas with all of the gifts wrapped underneath it.  It is a beautiful tree this year.  I will be sad when it's time to come down.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Carving Pumpkins 2015

We carved pumpkins at our house again this year.  Cousins came over and pumpkin guts were everywhere!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gotcha Day #5 for Cara

We celebrated Cara's 5th Gotcha Day the same way we usually do.  A picture to commemorate the occasion and dinner at Panda Garden.

I can't believe it's been 5 years already!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Open House and the First Day of School

We have had a busy week at the Funk house as we go back to school.  Tuesday night was open house, which was also gymnastics.  We had to leave gymnastics 1/2 hour early in order to make it to open house, so Cara looks a bit disheveled. 
Cara is in 3rd grade and in Mrs. Belton's class, and we are very happy about that!

The next day was Sophia's first day of 8th grade:

And Thursday was Cara's first day of school.

Bryan's only class at the high school is weight training because he does Running Start.  He will start school toward the end of September, so I will take his picture then. :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sophia and Cara's Back to School Fashion Show

I have 2 girls now to shop for!  I can't tell Sophia's story yet, because we are still in the midst of "the process," but hopefully I can share before Christmas. :)  Sophia is 5' 1" and weighs 100 lbs.  I saw this sweatshirt on Pinterest, followed the link to Etsy, and ordered it.  Sophia is in the 8th grade and has to wear uniforms, but she still needed some cute new things for fall.

Flannel shirt was a Nordstrom sale purchase.  It's a size small.  She has on BKE jeans from Buckle.  I've seen the olive colored jackets and vests all over as we've been back to school shopping.  Sophia chose a vest.  This one is from Target and is a kids XL 14/16.

Here is one of her uniform outfits.  I ordered it off zulily, brand is French Toast.  Both khakis and polo are size 14.

This shirt is a small from Nordstrom and the jeans are Ruum size 14.

Another flannel shirt from Nordstrom:

Dress is an extra small from the Nordstrom sale.

Cara is going to be a 3rd grader.  She is 49 inches tall and weighs 51 lbs.  The shirt and vest are both size 7/8 and I got them at the Nordstrom sale.  Boots are off  The brand is Nina KIT and the color is luggage.

Another shirt from Nordstrom:

This shirt is a 7/8.  We got it last weekend at the bookstore in Pullman.

 This shirt is a small from AK kids.  Sizing there is tough.  I ordered her another shirt, dress, and rash guard all size small and they are going back...too small.

Seahawks shirt size medium from Old Navy:

Sophia's shirt she got in Pullman last weekend.  Our dress code at school allows for college Friday, so she can wear it then.

Another shirt from Old Navy:

Cara's outfit that matches Sophia's.  Shirt from Nordstrom and jeans from Ruum, size 8.

Dress size 8 from Nordstrom sale.

That's all for now!  Thanks for looking. :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

5th Year Referral-Versary

Today marks 5 years ago that we received our referral for sweet Cara.  She still takes my breath away just like the first time I saw that sweet little face with the most adorable little ears I've ever seen.

Happy referral-versary, baby.  We love you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cheer Camp

Cara got to do the basketball cheer camp this year.  It was a quick one; practice Monday, Tuesday, and perform at the game Tuesday night.  My pictures weren't that clear because of the moving and jumping around.  I love the t-shirts for this one.  Lots of times they aren't that cute, but these were.

Cara, Lonna, and Kinsey after their performance. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cara's Bedroom Update

When we built our house 7 years ago, this was Ali's room.  She chose to have a hot pink accent wall, which she loved.  Me, not so much.  The pink is so bright that it casts a neon pink shadow out into the hallway. 
Now it's Cara's room and this is what it looks like with Cara's bedding choice.  It's looked like this for the past year and a half since Ali left for college.

I've been dying to change up this room and get it a little bit calmer and more relaxing.  We bought an antique bed and had it refinished.  It was completed last weekend, so this weekend it was time for a room update.  We painted the accent wall the same color as the other walls and switched out the bed.
This is what it looks like now:

I love it so much!  I'm on the hunt for an antique nightstand that matches the bed and a chippy stool to put on the other side of the bed.  I also have my eye on a sign for over the bed.  It's on etsy by "House of Belonging,"  but I need to save up for it.

First house update project for 2015 done!  Next project:  paint the laundry room!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

I got an antique pedal car for Christmas.  I plan on keeping it out on the front step and putting geraniums in it, but it's also fun for pictures.  I didn't get great ones the other day, because it was 19 degrees outside, so the littles weren't that cooperative. :)

Happy New year from Cara and Jake!