Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cara's 1st Halloween Home

Ok, so that's how this works. I upload my pics in reverse order of how I want them to appear and they come out right! Ha!
We didn't take Cara trick-or-treating because she had only been home a little over a week. We felt taking her around to ask strangers (strangers to her, not us) for candy was probably a little inappropriate.
Instead we took her over to my parent's farm to go through the straw maze and down the slide. She wanted nothing to do with the maze. I couldn't even snap one good picture. She loved the slide! By the end of sliding time, she was climbing the straw stack unassisted. Not quickly, mind you, but by herself. I thought that was pretty amazing considering her lack of muscle tone a few weeks ago.
She gets stronger every day and we fall more in love with her every day, too. Next Monday she goes to the Department of Health so they can check her chinese chest x-ray and let us know if we need to do anything for the TB class B result. On Tuesday she goes to the University of Washington International Adoption clinic to get her first check up. I will post more then when I find out what the doctors have to say.

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  1. Gosh, she's a happy little girl. Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween without all the candy. Good luck at the MD offices.