Saturday, November 19, 2011


We woke this morning to a beautiful and unexpected snowfall.  The boys headed off to Pullman to watch the football game and us girls stayed home.  A has a dance tonight and she didn't want to miss it.  I still havent' gotten "the" picture(s) for Christmas cards yet, so I went outside with Cara to see what we could do.  I love this one!

She really wasn't all that interested in taking pictures.  She wanted to go to the store to buy a sled to pull behind the 4-wheeler.  So we went to Sunnyside and bought 2 sleds (in case one breaks).  We got home and the girls put on their snow clothes.

And we realized we have no rope. :(  Cara dissolved in a bucket of tears and wants to go back to the store and buy rope NOW!!!  We have convinced her she will still have fun riding on the 4-wheeler in the snow and that we'll go get rope later.  There isn't really all that much snow, but it's enough to get a 4-year-old excited.

This morning when I was combing her hair she said, "Once it snowed in China, but they (orphanage staff) wouldn't let us out."  Well, we let you out here, sweetheart! :)

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  1. Our kids are crazy for snow, too, even a little bit of it!