Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break {Sunday Snapshot}

Last year we went to Lincoln City, Oregon for Spring Break.  We decided to go back this year, too. The forecast looked like it was going to rain the whole time we were here, and it has rained a fair amount so far.  But today, it stopped for a little while, so we took Cara down to the beach to play in the sand.  She was so excited!
 She talked her brother into helping her build a sand castle,

But this storm was looming...
 I snapped this pic of A and her dad.  I think they thought it would be warmer sitting on the rocks.  Maybe it was.  A little...

Cara thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Even though it was cold outside.

As the rain started to return, I talked the three of my kiddos into taking a picture together on the rocks.
All in all, Cara got about 40 minutes to play before the rain started up again.  We have a few more days here, so hopefully she can get down to the beach a couple more times.

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  1. Wow. That water looks so intense. I am glad you are having a nice vacation. Your family is just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Wow, look at those waves! Looks like your beautiful family enjoyed spring break. Great shots!

    Gin =)