Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Easter Dress

I ordered this dress off zulily a couple of weeks ago.  It just came in the mail today and Cara LOVES it!  The brand is Moo's Boos and runs a little large.  This is a 6 and is a little bit big up top for Cara.  She wanted to try it on immediately.  Who looks this delicious after a day of kindergarten?  She's starting to get a bruise above her right eye from something that happened at school today, but she won't tell me what.

Cara has another Moo's Boos dress in yellow.  Her dad does not like them.  He says that since A, B, and I will be in New York on Easter for an FBLA trip, he gets to dress Cara in whatever he wants for Easter. ;)  Fingers crossed he picks this dress!

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