Monday, September 2, 2013

Our last Sunday on the Snake for 2013

Usually we don't go to the river on Labor Day weekend. It just seems like it's back to school time, time to can tomatoes, and time to watch football.  But A came home this weekend and surprised us, so we thought we should take advantage of our time together and spend it on the river.  All 3 of my kids knee boarded.  A went first:

Then Cara decided it was her turn.  Usually she doesn't get up on her knees; she just likes to be pulled slowly and she stays on her tummy.  Today was the day, though, she got up on her knees!  Just look at that grin:

I love her smile in this one.  She was so proud of herself. :)

It took some coaxing from all of us to get B to knee board.  He prefers to just stay in the boat.  But he humored us and let me take some pictures. 

It was perfect weather and a nice, relaxing day for our last time on the river this year.

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