Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back From Vacation!

Here are A, B, and A's BF at California Adventure and J and I with Goofy. We bought tix to go to Disneyland 7 days prior to receiving our referral. In January our agency told us we would most likely be waiting for 18-24 months to receive a referral. I had a conference to attend in Anaheim so we thought, what the heck?! This will be our last vacation until China and we'll just start saving $ right after this trip. We purchased the tickets on June 15th. Seven days later we were referred our fabulous little princess. So I guess we'll just start saving $ now! :)

We tried something new called Ride Max. A found it on the internet. For $15 you put in the dates you're going to Disneyland and California Adventure and it will tell you what time to go on what rides, when to get Fast Passes, etc. I gotta tell ya, Ride Max ROCKS!!!! We rarely waited more than 20 mins for any ride. We went on several of the biggies (Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, California Screamin') 4 or 5 times. In the future, I'm all about the Ride Max.

On the adoption front, we received a letter from USCIS saying they are processing our I800. I will most likely call sometime tomorrow and check on the status. I just want to get her home ASAP!

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