Monday, January 24, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

We've had lots of things going on since Christmas. One of the most exciting things is that A got her driver's license! Passed her test on the first time too, good girl ;)! Now she is able to pick Cara up from daycare at 3:00 p.m., which is an hour and a half sooner than I am able to pick her up. Since Cara is getting more "quality time" at home, this is what she spends some of her afternoon doing: watching Dora while lying on the back of the couch.

We went to Spokane last weekend to do Christmas up there with J's family. This was Cara's second time away from home where she spent the night in a hotel room. She did better this time than she did when we went to Pullman. She crawled into bed next to Daddy and went to sleep when she was tired. Here she is snuggling her brother at Aunt P's house.

Aunt P and Dan got her a tricycle and a helmet. Cara was pretty excited about that. The trike also has a trunk, which is an excellent place to store your chocolate Santa! Love this pic with the bow hanging down under the helmet. Such a stylish chick!

Aunt P and Dan have all sorts of cool toys. They have a splitter so all 3 kids can listen to the Zune at the same time using their own headphones without fighting. Correction: they HAD a splitter! ;)
My mom had a Gymbuck from buying Christmas presents. It was $25 off of a $50 Gymboree purchase. Since mom is in Hawaii during Gymbuck redemption, she kindly gave me her Gymbuck to spend on Cara. This shirt is one of the things that came in the mail today. I. Love. It! Cara looks great in this coral color. Thanks, Grandma!

Cara has been growing like a weed in height, but not in weight. She eats like nobody's business, but she pretty much wears it all off. She has grown 5 centimeters since her final measurements sent to us from Shanghai right before we left to get her in October. Every time I turn around she's taller. I have been buying size 4T or 4 for her summer clothes, but she has such a skinny little butt that 3's won't even stay up on her waist. The white capris she's wearing in the above pic are size 3's pulled as tight as I can get the adjustable waist to go and they look baggy on her. Regular size 3 jeans fit her just right in the length. If she grows any taller they will be high-waters. Good thing shorts and capri weather is coming up in order to give me some time to figure out this pants situation.
Cara has also made it to the dentist, finally. Her paperwork from Shanghai said she had 6 cavities, so we were pretty nervous to see what the dentist would find. We acted out going to the dentist in the recliner, found pictures of little girls going to the dentist on the internet, and C, the babysitter, talked about the dentist. We thought Cara was prepared for her first visit. On the way to the dentist she said, "I no go dentist." She watched her brother, sister, and me all get our teeth checked. She still didn't want to have anything to do with the dentist. Finally, I held her in my lap facing me, dipped her head back into the dentist's lap and he checked her teeth while she screamed. It actually worked out pretty well. She opened her mouth nice and wide! ;) Guess what?! No cavities! How crazy is that? I'm just glad to have that ordeal over with and she doesn't go back for 6 months.


  1. Adorable pictures, especially the couch potato one. It's so wonderful when the "big kids" get licenses. Everything from picking the little one up to running to the store for a gallon of milk becomes easier.

    We took our son to the dentist, then to a pediatric dentist (horror show and never to be repeated) and then waited about a year before returning to the regular dentist where he has now had all of his work done. I carpool with a lady who works a second job as a dental tech and she said she asked another tech once what they did different at a pediatric practice than they do at a regular practice and the answer? "We just let them scream". Too right. You're so lucky she's cavity-free :-)


  2. She is so sweet. I love the Gymbo top. Very cute. What a cute girl and so glad she has no cavities. Noodle had one(soft teeth) and they had to put him to sleep to fix his teeth. :( Sounds like she is doing well.