Monday, February 14, 2011

On Valentine's Day...

You get to eat a cookie for breakfast! :)

Cara thinks Valentine's Day is pretty fantastic. Last night Daddy made us a special dinner; his specialty: fried chicken baked in the oven, mashed potatoes, and chicken gravy. Cara also got to have a grape soda with dinner. For dessert there was chocolate cake. Before dinner Cara got her Valentine's Day present; a Little Tikes shopping cart and some food to go in it. After dinner she got a box of chocolates: Fran's milk chocolate with sea salt caramels.

Valentine's Day morning was pretty exciting, too. She got to wear her Valentine dress (it has pockets!) and eat a cookie for breakfast. She took treats to daycare and was pretty excited about that. When I got home from work, she met me at the door with a balloon in her hand screaming, "I got a balloon!" Apparently, Daddy sent a balloon and flowers to be delivered to daycare. When we got in the car to take A to dance, Cara sighed in her carseat and said, "I love Valentine, you get presents." Then, to top it off, Aunt D brought her ANOTHER balloon and a sucker. Cara had a great first Valentine's Day home. Not sure we'll ever be able to top this one! ;)

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