Monday, March 28, 2011

Beach Vacation

Where to go for spring break? At first we thought we'd take a road trip to San Francisco; Irish Coffee at Buena Vista, riding the cable cars, Alcatraz, wine tasting...then we added up the cost. Then we remembered, oh yeah, we just went to China in October. San Francisco was not in the cards this year. We decided that Lincoln City, Oregon was a better option. We took the camper to cut down on the cost. We bought Cara a "princess" sleeping bag and spent several days cleaning the trailer and playing around in it. We were trying to get her comfortable with the camper and taking a trip away from home. She has done remarkably well. She hasn't slept in her sleeping bag at all; she has put her dolls to sleep in it. She slept with A one night and with mommy and daddy the rest of the trip so far. Grandma and Grandpa also decided to go along so she has been surrounded by family. We've had no night terrors and she has had so much fun! It has pretty much rained the entire time we've been here, so it has been hard to get down to the beach. We went today and Cara had fun with daddy, B, and Grandpa, while Grandma, A and I stayed in the truck and watched.

She played in the sand for awhile with the new sand toys Grandpa bought her"Here is one of J, Cara, and me. Yes, I jumped out of the truck to pose and jumped right back in. Tomorrow we will go to the aquarium in Newport. We'll see what Cara thinks of that. She has been fun to watch with so much seafood available to eat. Normally she's like a human garbage disposal with food. It's even more so when there is seafood to eat!

I'm so glad this trip has gone smoothly so far. She isn't a fan of staying in her carseat for very long, so it's a good thing San Francisco was out of the question this year. She's been OK on this trip to the Oregon Coast. We'll see what the next few days bring.


  1. I just love the beach-in any weather-so it looks like a great time to me!


  2. What a fun trip. Glad it is going well. My poor kids are stuck in daycare because Grandview doesn't get spring break until next week.