Saturday, March 12, 2011

Long Lost Pics of the Barbie Store

We finally got our pics of the Barbie Store! A had forgotten her camera on the day we went to the Barbie Store, so our guide, Denise, took pictures and said she would email them to us. Well, we had been emailing Denise right when we got back, but she was having trouble sending the pictures. Then we didn't hear from her for awhile. This week she finally emailed us the pictures and said she had been in Sydney, Australia, for 3 months, which is why she hadn't gotten back to us. Here is A in front of the lucite, spiral staircase that goes through the middle of the store. As you can see, every other square has a Barbie in it wearing a different pink outfit.

B hugging Barbie. :)

I think B was just about as interested in the Barbie Store as A was!

B kissing Barbie. He doesn't play with Barbies at home, honest.

Now for some sad, sad, Barbie news. My understanding is they closed the Shanghai Barbie store the past Wednesday. J read it on I guess they closed due to lack of sales. It's too bad because it really was an awesome store. I'm thankful, though, that we did finally get pictures from that part of our Shanghai adventure.


  1. Oh, I am so glad you posted these! Ever since hearing about it, I've wanted to go there-hopefully on the next adoption trip.


  2. Wah! It is true. The store has closed! I had so hoped to go there when we travel soon. I'm glad you got to go and finally got your pictures. They are great!