Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Cara!

Cara's 4th birthday was today, so she got to do whatever she wanted. She had sausage and a Starbucks strawberries 'n cream frappaccino for breakfast. Then she got to play with daddy all day.
For dinner she chose to eat at El Porton. Cousin L's 5th birthday was yesterday, B's 14th birthday is tomorrow, and B's friend K's 14th birthday will be on Sunday. They all celebrated at dinner tonight because they wanted to wear the sombrero and be sung to at El Porton.

Cara and L in their sombreros:

Here are B and K in their sombreros. They were trying to do cool, aftershave commercial poses. Too bad neither of them can shave. ;)

After dinner we went bowling. That was B's choice for his birthday since the "princess party" is tomorrow. B brought 3 friends and they had fun bowling a few games. Cara wanted to bowl, too, so Aunt P helped her.

When Cara bowls, the ball goes verrrrryyyyyy sloooowwwwly down the lane. Here she is watching it as it heads for the gutter.

Now we are home waiting for her birthday cake for tomorrow to finish baking before we go to bed. Cara had a blast today and can't wait for the princess party tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Birthday Cara! Love the last photo of her looking down the lane.