Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wading Pool Fun

I know I still need to post about Cara's birthday party last weekend, but it was the last week of school so we were really busy. I will try to sort through the picture and post some time this week. One of Cara's presents was a wading pool. She hasn't been able to play in it this week because we were so busy, but today we filled it up this morning to let it warm up a little, then we let Cara go in it to play around 3:00 p.m.

At first she just walked around in it. Then she got a little braver and decided to sit down.
Sitting down wasn't all that scary, so she decided to lean back and get her hair wet.

Then she decided she was cold. So in order to warm up, she ran to the house and back to the pool several times. Several. times.

Crouching and shivering in the pool:

She started splashing the kittens, splashing me, and splashing herself.

Jumping in the pool was pretty fun, too.

After awhile she decided she was too cold. So she went in the house and put her clothes back on so she could go out and work in the garden with Daddy. I was on the back porch downloading pictures and here she comes, soaking wet in her clothes. ;)

She's back in her swimsuit now playing in the pool again. She ought to sleep well tonight.


  1. We love our time in the pool, too!! She sure is a cutie pie!!

  2. Love your storytelling. Sounds like it will be a wet summer at your house.