Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Livestock Show Day 3

Today was fitting and showing.  Both A and B did very well.  A did not receive a call back for the senior championship round, which was surprising; she did an excellent job.  In my opinion, she was a way better showman than one of the boys that did receive a call back.

I think Cara has had the best time at the livestock show picking dandelions out in the grass by the trailers.

B is an excellent showman.  He is all business.  The judge this year is new (to B) and B had to get used to a different style.  This judge asks questions and expects the showman to know the answers.  Fortunately, B knows them.

Look at that intense face.  His pig kept going to the corners, and B had to patiently dig her out and try to get her back out in front of the judge.  B was called back to the championship round...

And he won!  Here is the pic of the judge congratulating him on his gold medal.  I was so excited I almost missed the picture!

Tomorrow is sale day.  I hope they both get good prices on their animals.

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