Sunday, May 13, 2012

Miss Zillah Pageant {Sunday Snapshot}

A's pageant was Thursday night.  She did a wonderful job!  At the end of the evening, she was crowned 1st princess and was very excited.  Cara had a big hug for her sister following the pageant:

A in evening gown competition.  Her dress looked amazing on her.

 The girls waiting for results:

All of my kiddos:

A and her daddy:

All of the girls did really well in the pageant.  The parade was yesterday and I will post pictures about that tomorrow.  I now have a little more free time again because the float is finally finished!

These pictures were shot in automatic with a Canon T2i.  I didn't play around with settings too much since the lighting was pretty bad in the school and I didn't want to make things worse!

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  1. She is absolutely STUNNING!! Gorgeous photo's! You must be one proud Mama:) Congratulations!
    God Bless,

  2. Congratulations to your girl!

    And Happy Mother's Day!!! :)