Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cara's Baptism {Sunday Snapshot}

We finally got Cara baptized.  We bought the dress in Guangzhou two years ago so she could wear it for her baptism.  It's pretty short now; short enough that she needed to wear white leggings under it.  We tried to find the next size up online, but didn't have any luck, so we made the original dress work.  She was pretty nervous for the whole thing, even though we explained the whole process to her multiple times.  She would say, "Now I have 3 special days:  my birthday, God day (baptism), and the one where we eat Chinese food (gotcha day)."

All my kids outside before we left:

Cara was pretty nervous for the whole thing.  She almost cried twice. 

We asked her in the car, "Do you really think we would let something bad happen to you?"  She said no, but it was just scary.

We went back to the house and had dinner, cake and ice cream.  It was her cousin Jake's baptism, too, so we had a houseful of people, two cakes, and a great, big celebration.

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  1. Congrats!! She is just beautiful!! What a special day indeed!


  2. Cara looked so beautiful for her special day! Congratulations.

    Gin =)