Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cara's Second Gotchaversary

How fun that Cara's second "gotcha"versary is on 10/11/12!  She just radiated excitement today.  They are learning about the letter "P" in Kindergarten this week so she got to wear pig pajamas to school today and they ate pancakes!
To top that off, she brought cupcakes to school for her class and her book, I Love You Like Crazycakes, which her teacher read for the class.
She came home, took a bath, and put on one of her Chinese dresses for dinner tonight at Panda Garden.  I talked her in to posing for a picture or two before we left.

Last night we watched her "gotcha" day videos.  We got to the part where she saw the nannies down the hall as we were getting into the elevator to leave and she started crying her little eyes out.  Cara watched quietly and said, "Man, I was really scared of that elevator!"

It was a little bit funny; she doesn't associate her grief on the video anymore with going away with strangers.  She thinks it was the elevator that scared her. ;)

What a transformation from two short years ago!

We love you, crazy girl, all the way to China and back!


  1. What a huge change in two years!! Such a cutie.


  2. Georgeous girlie! Happy Gotcha Anniversary =)