Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Lessons of the Year {Sunday Snapshot}

With B's wrestling tournament schedule this year, it's difficult for us to get up to White Pass for ski lessons.  There were no tournaments this weekend, so we went up yesterday.  I'm still recovering from the flu, so I slept on the way up, stayed in the lodge, only venturing out to get a few shots, and slept the whole way home.
A and B in line to catch the lift up the mountain:

Cara is finally 5, so she got to take her first lesson yesterday.  She was so excited!  She gets to do Kid's Clinic, so her lesson starts at 9:30 and she finishes at 3:00.  It's a long day of skiing for little ones.
I love this look of concentration on her face as she skis down the hill.
So proud of herself!  She loved the lesson and wanted to go back the next day.  She needed kids Tylenol once we were home because her legs were sore.  She will get her next lesson in two weeks and she's already looking forward to it!
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  1. How exciting! My daughter is only 15 months old so she's still a bit too little for ski lessons but we're thinking of starting her when she's 2. My siblings and I learned to ski when we were 2. Should be fun.

  2. Ski lessons are so much fun! Our daughter got her 1st one two weeks ago and she was ready to go back the next day. It was definitely a shorter lesson... Cara will be an expert before long ;)

    It's a good thing that our kids enjoy winter fun!
    Have a great week!