Monday, January 7, 2013

And they're off!

Today was the big day!  B finally got his braces off!  This is before...
And this is after!
They told us the appointment would take at least an hour.  The lady had the brackets off in 4 mins! The doctor checked B's teeth and said they looked great, so they took off the rest of the glue and made the impressions for his retainers.  We were out of there in under an hour.  He's still getting used to his new smile.  I think his teeth look great! :)


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  2. How long did he wear his braces? His teeth are all good-looking now – all aligned and white! I think his appearance also changed. He looks like a very grown up man. Congrats to him! ->Patty Gurrola

    1. He had them on for about 18 months. I think he looks more grown up, too!