Monday, February 4, 2013

Cardiologist Appointment

Cara had her annual cardiologist appointment at Seattle Children's Hospital.  They didn't do the EKG this time, only the echocardiogram.  Cara's pretty modest, so she was pretty embarrassed that I was taking pictures of her in a hospital gown. :)

I think she looks pretty stinkin' cute!

The grimace in this photo is because my camera flash was driving her nuts.  She laid very still and watched a Dora movie while the pictures of her heart were taken.

The doctor was running a little late, so Cara was asleep in my arms by the time he came in.  He said there's been no change and to come back in a year.  He basically said there are 3 scenarios of what could happen with her heart.  Number one, the VSD could close on its own, but its not likely that this will happen.  Number two, as she grows, her slightly enlarged heart will "fit" better in her little body and nothing will need to be done.  He feels this is the most likely scenario for Cara.  Number three, her heart could stay enlarged and her valve could start leaking (VSD is close to a valve) and a repair would need to be done.

I'm going to hope for scenario number two and go back in a year. :)

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