Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Gymnastics Lesson

Last night was Cara's first gymnastics lesson.  She has been on the waiting list since fall to get in, and last week we finally got the call that space was available.  When she got home from school we had her take a quick bath and asked her to lay down for a bit to rest.  She insisted she was NOT tired and didn't need a rest.  I tried the age-old mommy trick of, "No one said you had to go to sleep.  Just rest your eyes for a minute."  Worked like a charm!  I snapped this picture right before we got her up to pull her hair back for class.

Since it was her first time, she was in the tumble tots class.  There are 6 or 7 kids in that class from ages 3-5.  Since Cara is almost 6, she is the oldest student in the class.  Here was her first somersault down the triangle pad:

 She spent a lot of time doing this:

If you show Cara something once, she's got it, so the pace of the lesson was pretty slow for her.  She already swings from the bars at school and at home, so the bar exercise was pretty easy for her, too.

She just loved it, which is what I expected.  I asked the teacher at the end of class if she should be moved to a higher group.  He said no, she needed to spend some time there to learn the terminology.  Cara is perfectly fine with that and cannot wait to go back next week.

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