Sunday, May 5, 2013

Livestock Show {Sunday Snapshot}

I had intended to blog every day at the livestock show, but time just got away from me. I finally have a moment to breathe (and catch up on laundry), so I can get the pics all on one post.  Monday was classification.  This is the judging of the meat of the animal.  Both A and B got blue ribbons with their hogs.  A had one hog in call backs for heavyweight champion and B won reserve champion with his heavy weight hog.

Here is B showing his reserve champion heavy weight:

Tuesday was fitting and showing.  This judging is based on how clean the animal is and how well the exhibitor is able to show their animal.  This year was the first (and only) year that A and B had to show against each other.  High school is senior division and A is a senior and B is a freshman.  The showed against each other in the first class:

Then they both got call backs and had to show against each other in the medal round:

And after it was all said and done, A won the silver medal and B won the gold medal!

Both kids were very happy with how they did at the show.  It was A's last show since she will be off to college in the fall, so it was a great way to end her 4-H career.

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