Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cara's Back to School Fashion Show

I usually start my back to school shopping for Cara a the Nordstrom sale.  I was really surprised this year!  All I found for her at the sale this year was a winter coat.  I've started shopping other stores the last week or two and found some really cute stuff.
Cara is 46 3/8" tall and weighs 46 lbs.  She turned 7 the beginning of June.
This outfit is from Justice.  All size 7.  Black skater skirt, black cami, and a sequined tank.

This obviously isn't for back to school.  It's a black sequined swim suit from Old Navy, size 6/7.  Cute!

This sweatshirt is from Next Direct, size 7.  She already had the Gap red skimmer jeans.

Selfie shirt from Next Direct, size 7.

Back view of selfie shirt:

Dress from Next Direct, size 7.

Funny story about this Old Navy dress (size 6/7).  Cara said, "It looks short."  I said, "It's a beachy dress."  She said, "Did you just call it a bitchy dress?"  Lol.

Shirt from Next Direct, size 7.

Cara has been wanting to wear scarves like her big sister.  I saw this outfit on a back to school thread.  Justice size 7 sweater.  She already had the pink cami.  She loves it!

Gymnast shirt, size 8.  They didn't have a 7.  It's going back and I'm going to keep looking for a 7.  It's just too big.

She loves this sequin sweatshirt from Justice.  It fits a little weird, though.  Short in the waist and long in the sleeves.

Last one is Gap, size small.  So cute!

If you make it this far, thanks for looking.  She has a Gap "Good as gold" shirt waiting for leopard sequined and black boots to come from zulily.  Then she should be set. :)


  1. the eldest has the white tank top with black sequins too! We still are too petite for Justice here...
    She is going to be adorable in grade two!