Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apple Cup and a Christmas Tree

Today is Apple Cup! For those of you who are not from Washington State, it is the Washington State University vs. University of Washington football game. WSU has had a terrible football team the last few years, but they have actually won two games this year. UW wants to go to a bowl game and only needs one more win to become bowl eligible. If WSU wins, they knock UW out of bowl contention, which is a double victory for WAZZU in my book! We have season tickets and J, A, and B are at the game. I did not want to take Cara to a cold football stadium when she hasn't even been home for two months so we stayed home today. We are listening to the game on the radio and as I type, UW has just scored. Boo! Plus Cara has had a fever since last night so she's been a little bit under the weather.
Cara took a 3 hour nap today and while she was sleeping I decorated the Christmas tree. When she woke up and first saw the tree, all she could do was stare. Then she saw a couple of Santa ornaments on the tree and had to point them out to me. She likes the idea of Santa and can tell you Santa says, "Ho, ho, ho," but I think if she saw someone dressed up as Santa she would freak. Don't think we will be doing Santa pictures this year. She does have her 3 1/2 year picture appointment in the morning and I'm anxious to see how she does. She still doesn't have a natural smile most of the time; its more like she just pulls her lips back and shows her teeth. I hope we can get some good pictures with a genuine smile.

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  1. My nephew said that watching the Apple Cup was like watching high school football (he and my brother are both WSU grads). Hope it was more exciting than that for you. Aidan had Santa pics the first year but won't now because he knows that these are just Santa helpers at the store-the real one is up at the North Pole getting ready for the big day :-)
    The tree looks great!