Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cara's new shirt fashion show

I had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove a benign ovarian tumor. Scary, but no cancer, thank goodness. When they took it out and measured the tumor it was 20 cm! That sucker was HUGE! The size and potential for malignancy meant that it could not be removed laproscopically, so I have a heck of a war wound! ;) So now I'm home recovering and spending a lot of time on the computer since I don't really like to watch tv. As you can guess, I've been doing some online shopping! ;)

This shirt is from Crazy 8. I really do think Cara has magical powers sometimes.
I am hoping by buying this shirt from Old Navy, maybe we can convince Cara that tantrums are not ok.

Saw Old Navy's new halloween merchandise online and knew we had to get this Hello Kitty shirt for Cara. She LOVES Hello Kitty! She even has a Hello Kitty she hauls around everywhere with her. She was pretty excited to get this shirt. We already had the tutu.

Thanks for looking! I need to work on getting my shopping habit under control. Too much looking online at cute stuff isn't good for the bank account!


  1. She looks adorable in all of them!

    I'm so sorry that you had that kind of scare and happy for you that it turned out to be okay. It rocks your whole world. What's a little war wound in the whole scheme of things, right?

    Maybe you should ask someone to hid your debit/credit cards?


  2. Hi, my name is Brenda and I love to shop....you should see Erin's closet...oops! Amy's isn't much better..two dressers and a closet full of clothes...bad me....too bad I don't have as many clothes (I just don't find clothes that look good on me!).

    I love the tantrum shirt...don't think Erin would understand it....she has some wicked ones still.

    Hope you aren't in too much pain..glad it wasn't cancer...