Saturday, August 13, 2011

She's growing up so fast

Cara wanted her picture taken this morning after I finished fixing her hair. I just keep looking at this picture, marveling about how beautiful and grown up she looks. The change in 10 months has been amazing, but her outward, physical look has been an unbelievable transformation. She doesn't look like a baby or a toddler anymore. She really does look like a preschooler...and she will start preschool on September 6th. I know she's ready and excited, but I don't know if I am. Where did my baby go?


  1. Maggie was like a baby when we brought her home despite being three years old. In just four months, she is much more like a three year old. I commented to my husband yesterday that we only thought our other kids grew up fast! Cara is precious!

  2. She really does look grown-up here, and it's wonderful that she's so excited about school. No doubt she has her great family to thank for her confidence.