Sunday, August 28, 2011

21 for 21

So yesterday I posted about Cara's first ponytail. This is what it looked like at the end of the day. Cute, huh? Last night we started canning tomatoes. My parents have a farm/fruitstand, so we are blessed to have access to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. The two older kids are used to the drill, so they're actually very good help. Cara had fun, too. She would put the jar rings on her arms and say, "look at my bracelets!"

I had the camera in action shot mode, but she was still shaking her arms so fast they were still blurry.

A and B on the assembly line. A washes, blanches, and places the tomatoes in cold water. B cores, peels, and quarters them.

Daddy puts the salt in the jars, packs them, and seals them to go in the canner. We can on a propane burner outside. Constant heat and the house doesn't get too warm inside from the burner running. B is trying to give Dad a tomato in the face.

And we were 21 for 21! All of them sealed. Usually we have a couple of casualties, which require us to make spaghetti sauce with them the next day. We will do 3 more canners today and then we should be done for the year.

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  1. My daughter's hair is MUCH longer than your daughter's but still manages to escape her ponytail.