Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy Night

Tonight is a busy night to be followed by a busy weekend.  Cousin D's birthday party is tonight, so Cara, B, and Daddy are headed to Yakima for the party.

A has another pageant to attend tonight.  It's the Miss Granger pageant and it's being held at my school.  Dierks Bentley is having a concert at the Sundome in Yakima tonight, so the 2011 Miss Zillah court is not attending the pageant; they're going to the concert.

Since the 2011 court is not attending the pageant, the girls running for Miss Zillah get to wear their dresses that they get once they are crowned as the 2012 court.  So A had to be in full hair and make up, they will go to Sunnyside to pick up the dresses (hope they fit), change, and wear those dresses to the Miss Granger pageant.
I will get pics of the girls in their new dresses and post them tomorrow morning.

And tomorrow night is prom! 

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