Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prom 2012 Take Two

A went to Sunnyside's Prom tonight.  Different prom, different hair, same dress, same guy.

I used a different lens for my shots this week.  I used my 1.8.  Last week I used my zoom lens.

The hair this week:  braided side bun with finger waves.  It was a popular style for fashion week this year.  I added a little heighth, though, and the finger waves.  The braided bun at fashion week was a little more severe.

 So do you like the hair better this week or last week?

 I love this pic because I like the sun shining on the rhinestone on her dress.  I think it looks cool!
The are going with friends in a limo tonight.  A is pretty excited for her first ride in a limo!


  1. I love Sunnyside prom hair style. She is so pretty. Great job. Our neighbor across the street is going to prom tonight too. So fun

  2. I love this hair do! I would love to wear my hair that way if I had somewhere special to go.

    Your daughter is gorgeous. She looked amazing for both proms.