Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Weekend

We have 3 birthdays in a row in our family:  Cousin L is June 2nd, Cara is June 3rd, and B is June 4th.  We celebrated Cara and B's birthdays on the 2nd, L's birthday on the 3rd, and back to business as usual today.  So we kind of had different kid's birthdays celebrated on the wrong days, but it worked. :)

B was sooooo excited!  He got 4 club seat tickets to the Seahawks vs the Titans.  Best present ever!  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

 Cara got a Pinkalicious bike.  She said, "O.M.G!  A Pinkalicious bike!"

B in his new Ray Bans...

Cara's cake.  She wanted a pirate party! ;)

Waiting for candles to stay lit.  It was a bit breezy outside, so they wouldn't stay.

All 3 birthday kids:  L is 6, B is 15, and Cara is 5!


  1. I so want Miss C.'s it! Why can't you dress her in an old tshirt and tattered jeans...everything you post, I want...hahah.


    1. You're funny! The outfit is the same one she wore for her birthday last year...and I think I can squeeze another year out of it, too!

    2. Wow, it still fits her? I am tempted to see if I can get it somewhere...too cute! Don't think the skirt would fit miss. E...I went to a store today and found a cute two piece...yup, the bottoms were too big..sigh.


    3. That tutu is a 3T and I have it safety pinned! :)