Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 2 Year Referral Anniversary, Cara! {Sunday Snapshot}

Cara's actual referral anniversary is June 22nd, but I didn't have time to take her stats or photos until this morning.  I will never forget the morning of June 22, 2010.  That morning our family was forever changed for the better.

We received a referral for Wu Ao Huan, a 3 year old living in Shanghai, China.  Her referral described her as a shy, quiet child.  We laughed and wondered how a shy, quiet child would fit into our noisy family! ;)

We learned later from the orphanage that "Ao" means Olympics and "Huan" meant rings.  The Olympics were being held in Beijing and they believed Cara had a special spirit; just like the Olympics.  Their hope was that she would always live her life in the spirit behind the Olympic games.  We were touched by the name given to her in Shanghai and chose to keep it as her middle name.  She truly does have a special spirit about her.

Here is our beautiful girl in a picture I snapped this morning:

And here she is holding her referral photo:

I also took her stats this morning after I took her picture.  Cara was in the Shanghai SWI for 22 months; from 18 months old to 40 months old.  In that time, she gained 1 kg and 8 cm.  Not much growth for formative growing years.

She weighed 13 kg and was 89 cm tall when we got her.  Today she weighs 16.5 kg and is 107.5 cm tall!  In 20 months she has gained 3.5 kg and grown 18.5 cm!  She's a skinny little shoestring!

And she's not quiet like her papework said!  She's funny and loud and loves to sing and dance.  She knows almost all the words to the songs on the radio.  She likes to play on the monkey bars and jump on the trampoline.  She likes to color and play dress up.  She's up for any kind of adventure.  And we love her.  So very, very much.  All the way to the China moon and back!

These pictures were taken with a Cannon EOS T2i with a 1.8 lens.  Taken in automatic, edited with Photoshop.

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  1. Happy Referral Anniversary! She's a beautiful gal.

    We'll be celebrating our son's 5 year referral anniversary next month!

  2. Happy referral anniversary!!! She is beautiful!!!

  3. She's just precious! Congratulations on two years together... sounds like she is positively blossoming :)
    Happy Sunday!

  4. She really is so very pretty!! And the dimple just pushed me over the edge!
    Happy anniversary to you all!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  5. She is positively adorable!

    Happy Referral Anniversary.

  6. Very sweet memories! She is beautiful!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! She just melts my heart....LOVE that smile:)))))
    Have a wonderful week.
    God Bless,

  8. She is an angel! I love that smile- what a time to stop & reflect.