Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dance Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday was the dress rehearsal for the dance recital.  We practiced with full hair and make up so we would know what to change for the recital tonight.  It was rainy and overcast for most of the day yesterday, so I thought I would be able to get some good pictures outside before we left.  The sun was starting to come out, so most of the shadows are still to harsh for my liking.

I did 5 girl's hair yesterday afternoon and my sister in law did the make up.

They wanted a jumping pose.  Do you know how hard it is to get 5 girls in the air at the same time?  Especially with the little ones.

This picture just cracks me up!  Cara was so excited to get on stage for the first time!

Recital is tonight at 7 and we will start hair and make up again in 3 hours.  I'd better go hop in the shower!

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  1. That last picture of Cara is priceless! Tooo sweet.

    Gin =)