Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Dance Recital {Sunday Snapshot}

The dance recital was Tuesday night.  It was Cara's first one and A's second-to-last one. 

The girls were so proud of themselves when they were finished.  I snapped these shots of them posing with their flowers from Daddy:

 I think A looked just beautiful. 

Cara was nervous.  She did better at rehearsal practice the day before when the lights were on and she could see me in the audience.  With the lights off, she wasn't quite sure where we were and was a little bit worried, as you can tell by her expression.

The recital was good!  The girls are already looking forward to next year, which will be sad for me since it will be A's last year of dancing. :(

The first shot was taken with my Canon EOS T2i.  Lens was 1.4 and it was shot in automatic.  I just did the quick edit in Photoshop because I thought the picture looked good "as is."

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Ni Hao Yall


  1. Dance photos are always lots of fun. Sweet pretty girls

  2. Oh how sweet!! Great shots of your girls♥

  3. Love how your beautiful girls both have dimples! Kathy

  4. I'm with anonymous above... I just noticed how both your girls have dimples! Adorable :)