Friday, June 28, 2013

Tonsils Out

A had her tonsils removed this morning.  She's been having problems with her tonsils getting infected multiple times since she was about 6 years old.  And when I say multiple, I mean 3-4 infections a year.  She is even now lactose intolerant from taking too many antibiotics for her tonsil infections.  We finally switched her family doctor in December and her new doctor immediately referred her to an ENT specialist, who also agreed that the tonsils needed to come out.  We had to schedule A's surgery for when school was out for the summer and today was the day!
Here she is in the waiting room looking a little nervous:

Getting all dressed up in her hospital gown and pretty yellow socks!

A was most nervous for the I.V.  She got a little teary-eyed and nervous when they put it in:

My sister is a nurse in the surgery department, so she came in to see A and calm her down a little bit:

Her whole surgery took about 20 minutes from going under anesthesia to the doctor coming out and telling us he was finished.  Her surgery started at 11:07 a.m. and I signed her check out papers at 1:00 p.m.  This picture was after surgery.  She had already swallowed a pain pill, eaten a bowl of applesauce, drank apple juice, and eaten ice chips.  She did amazing!

The sweetest part was that the nurse told me the first thing A said after she came out of the anesthesia was, "I want my mommy."  Awe...I probably won't get that from my 18 year old for much longer.  I'm just so happy it's finally done and that she won't have to worry about tonsil infections anymore!

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