Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cara's 7 year photo shoot

I don't know anyone more excited to turn 7 than Cara. ;)  We took her out for a photo shoot this evening, mainly because we needed a current photo for our adoption agency, CCAI.  They will complete 11,000 adoptions this Tuesday and they want as many pictures of children they have placed as they can get holding signs that say, 11,000.

Here is Cara's info as of tonight:
height:  46 3/8" (up 2 1/8" from last year)
weight: 44.6 lbs (up .6 lbs from last year)
best friend:  Macy
favorite TV show:  Peppa Pig
favorite activity at school:  math games
favorite food:  tacos
what she wants to be when she grows up:  doctor

Seven sure looks good on you, sweet Cara!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday to your beautiful 7 year old!

    Gin =)