Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cara's 7th Birthday Party

Today we had Cara's 7th birthday party.  Her birthday is the 3rd, but it was just easier to have her party over the weekend...especially since her brother's birthday is the 4th.
Cara wanted an "Olaf" party, from the movie "Frozen."  This was her cake:

Memphis licking the ice cream paddle:

Cara and her friend Macy eating cake:

It's never a good party unless someone cries or gets put in time out (we had both).  Tristan was in time out and Jake was consoling him. ;)

We had a bouncy house, which kept the kids entertained for most of the afternoon.  Once most of the kids left, Cara, Macy and Jake decided to run through the sprinklers.

All in all, it was a great party!


  1. Love your blog! Gorgeous photos (and kids)!!! We have 4 from China and it's fun to see all these amazing kids grow up - even if I don't know them :)

  2. my little princess wanted to wish "her China sister", a very happy birthday...she wanted to buy her a dress, but I explained that yours doesn't wear them anymore...she didn't want to look at anything Happy Birthday!

  3. Such a lovely birthday party. The cake is really delicious. It reminds me of my nephew’s birthday at one of LA venues. It was really awesome and the cake was really yummy. It was of different flavors and everyone liked it’s taste.