Saturday, October 16, 2010

Traveling to Guangzhou

The smog in Guangzhou...

I'm a day behind on blogging because of travel yesterday. We spent most of the morning packing, walked to a corner market to buy snacks, and waited for Denise to bring us the last bit of Cara's paperwork. She spent some time playing paper dolls and really enjoyed those. Look at the picture that looks either blurry or super foggy. It's not-that's the smog in Shanghai. I've told John several times it would probably be healthier to pick up a smoking habit than breathe this air.

We checked out of our hotel room around 1:30 and went to the airport. Cara had her first few bites of a Subway sandwich. Notice the look of distaste on her face...needless to say she will probably NOT be a spokesperson for Subway. Our flight ended up being delayed, then they switched our gate so we had to hurry to another location to board the plane. Cara did pretty well on the flight until right before we landed. Then she wanted her seatbelt off and started to fuss. She kept fussing and fussing until the plane hit the ground pretty fast and with a hard bump! That shut her up.

We had to wait another 30 minutes on the plane before they let us off. Then we waited and waited and waited for almost an hour to get our luggage. I noticed the sign which read, "Beggage Claim." Maybe if we begged for our suitcases we would have gotten them sooner! ;)

One of our new guides, Maggie, met us and helped us get on the shuttle to the White Swan hotel. She had to stay at the airport, though, because she was still waiting for another flight to come in. We traveled about 40 minutes to the hotel and I was already feeling better. Guangzhou is not as smoggy and it's beautiful here! Our hotel if fabulous and right on the river. I could stare out the window all day and watch the boats. When we got to the hotel our other guide, Grace, helped us check in and ordered a Papa John's pizza for us. I swore I would eat Chinese food the whole time I was in China in order to get the full experience, but let me tell you, that pizza was GOOD! Cara, however, likes pizza about as much as she likes Subway.

We have 2 rooms here next to each other but they're not connected. The kids have their own room for the first time ever and I think they were a little nervous about it. Cara won't sleep in the toddler bed in our room so I slept with her and J slept alone. We ended up finally going to be around 11:30 pm. Tomorrow is Cara's medical appointment. We'll see how many shots she needs before she can leave China.

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  1. If you go to Lucy's, you can get your choice of Chinese or American food. Enjoy!