Monday, July 11, 2011

Afternoon in the wading pool

Every day that we're home in the summer, Cara gets to choose what she wants to do after her nap. She usually chooses either the wading pool or her "lazy daisy," which is her flower sprinkler. She's such a funny little thing. First she needs to splash out all the bugs, leaves and grass clippings.
If splashing them out doesn't work, she tries kicking them out.

Not sure why she felt the need to get out and blow bubbles, but her ruffled little booty is cute!

She plays for awhile, but every time she gets up, she needs to wring out her tutu.

She has a great time out in the wading pool for about 45 minutes.

Then she gets cold and needs to go into the house.

On the way in, I snapped a picture of this flower. I planted the plant three years ago and it has never bloomed. This year for some reason it did! Love it!

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  1. Love the sequence of pics in the pool. Maybe the flower was waiting for Cara to bloom?