Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cara's First Boating Trip

It's finally been warm enough to take the boat out this year. A and B are working in cherry harvest so they weren't able to go today. We usually go to the Snake River, one of my two "happy places;" the other being Maui. ;)

Cara loved the boat and loved being out on the water. We weren't sure if she would like it or not, but she's definately a fan! Watch this kid eat her way through the day. Here she is with a piece of grape finger jello.
She also ate Sun Chips. Lots and lots and lots of Sun Chips.

Fake smile for the camera:

She caught on to being a "boat babe" pretty easily. Still eating Sun Chips...

Apple juice and more finger jello...she also shared turkey sandwiches with mommy and daddy and ate some cold spicy noodles. And a cheese stick. And grapes.

On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen and she had an ice cream cone. Yes, she insisted on eating it with a spoon.

When she got home she informed her brother she was hungry, so he gave her a pepperoni stick. I cannot believe the quantity of food Cara put away today! She hasn't eaten this much since the breakfast buffets in China.

We asked her if she had fun today and she said, "Yes. We should do it again sometime." She will soon learn that she's probably going to be spending all of her weekends on the Snake until the end of August. :)


  1. A healthy appetite is a good thing. Love the way she eats her ice cream :)


  2. Such a happy girl you have. Love boating on the snake river, did it a lot growing up.