Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preschool Orientation

Ok, new blogger setup is a pain in the a$$.  As soon as I mostly figure out how to work the old  way, they change it and confuse me.  But I digress...

Tonight was Cara's preschool orientation.  She was SO EXCITED!!!  They were supposed to come do a home visit at 4:00...and never showed up.  Cara was crying and upset.  I was pretty ticked off about it too.  First of all, she has attachment and abandonment issues.  We need to tell her every night exactly what is going to happen the next day before she can fall asleep.  So expecting a home visit, waiting for them to come, and then no one showing up is BIG.  Plus, helloooo...I work for the district!  You're going to "no show" on my kid?  So anyway, we show up to orientation and the teacher says, "Uh, so we had a home visit today, but I bet you were pretty busy."  I said, "No, actually, I was waiting for you."  He said, "Well, I was going to call, but I got busy and then it was 5:30.  We can do it after the orientation or tomorrow if you want."  No apology or anything, even after I said we were waiting for him!  What is this world coming to?!

Anyway, on to the fun part.  Cara wanted a special hairdo.  She wanted little buns.  I haven't wanted to try it because her hair is pretty slick and still very short.  I took the advice of a mom friend (hi Brenda) and tried her suggestions using A's leftover orthodontist rubber bands and it stayed pretty well.  She was thrilled.  She kept saying, "Thank you for my fancy hair, Mommy!"  Too cute!  Here she is all dressed up with fancy hair and lip gloss for orientation:

 The families were served dinner and the kids got to play on the toys.  There was a welcome, introduction of staff, and the director went over the handbook a little bit.
 Then the kids got to go into the classroom and check things out.  I was very surprised that Cara went straight for the kitchen.  I tried to show her other areas of the room, but she kept going back to the kitchen.  I would have predicted she would want to play on the computers, but she didn't even notice them.

After everyone else left, we got to have our parent meeting.  So now we are set for Tuesday.  Cara is very excited and I think she's going to have a great time in preschool this year.


  1. How fun. IS it the same preschool Katie went to? She loved it there, but she had the girl teachers. LOL. Good luck to Cara this year at pre school and I hope she enjoys it and learns a ton.

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