Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cara's First Day of Preschool

Today was Cara's first day of preschool.  You can tell she was a little nervous by the stiffness of her smile.  This was the most natural smile I could get out of about 6 pictures.  Last night she kept asking, "And you're going to leave me there ALONE?"  With some serious emphasis on the word "alone."  I just kept telling her I was in the next building over and that Grandpa would pick her up.

A and I walked Cara in to preschool, helped her take off her sweater, put on her name tag, and hang up her backpack.  She was the first one there.  Teacher S said she could play in the circle until other kids got there, but he obliged us with a pic! ;)  Cara wasn't nervous once she got there.  No tears or anything, she just took off to go play.  Not sure what to make of that.  Should I be worried that she was fine for us to leave? 
I asked her how her day went.  She said she drank milk and ate jelly and that she learned how to read.  Well, since she's already conquered reading, I wonder what she'll do tomorrow! ;)

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  1. so cute. I love Teacher S. He sits behind us at church and get to be annoyed by my 4 kids. :) I hope she loves his class. We had teacher M. :) LOL She is really cute. I hope she has a great year there.