Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Weekend of Grid Kids

Yesterday was B's first grid kid football game of his last grid kid season.  He's in the 8th grade, so we're finished with grid kids after this year.  Miss Cara didn't come along because she was invited to go see Shrek, the Musical.  We watched the movie Shrek on Friday night so she had a little background knowledge before seeing the musical.  She was excited to go and had such a great time!  She came home and said, "Shrek is a yogurt and Princess Fiona is a yogurt, too!"  Yogurt?!  So we ended up teaching her the word, ogre. :)

 After dropping Cara off to go see Shrek, we headed to Sunnyside to watch B's first game of the year.
 He's number 40.  It was mid-90's at game time.  I'm glad we thought to bring the beach umbrella for a little bit of shade.
 Maybe if I don't make eye contact, she won't take my picture...
 I finally got a smile out of him before we went to the car.
They won their first game and B was happy about that.  Hopefully they have a great season this year.

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