Monday, September 26, 2011

First time at the Central Washington State Fair

Saturday night was Cara's first trip to the state fair.  I wasn't really sure how she would do.  B had a football game at 1:00 p.m., which cut into Cara's nap time.  We did squeeze in an hour nap before we left, but she's used to taking a 2-2 1/2 hour nap.  I was also concerned about all of the walking she would have to do.  It's a pretty long walk into the fair and we told her she needed to walk the whole time.  It was about 80+ degrees outside and no one was going to carry her.

 She wanted a corn dog.  She talked about eating a corn dog for two days before we went to the fair.  Getting a corn dog was the first order of business.
 I  wish I could say she ate the whole thing, but she only ate about half of it before she lost interest.  There were just too many things to do and see.
 Cara and her brother had their picture taken at Grandpa's fruitstand display.
 Eating an elephant ear on the grass with Daddy.
 On to the rides!  I wasn't sure if she would do it.  We tried to get her to ride a pony.  She would go up to the entrance and say, "Help me pick a nice one."  Then when she got closer she would say, "Not yet."  She did this a couple of times before we finally left the pony rides.  I didn't know if she would do rides, but I figured when she saw all the other kids on rides she would go on them, too.
 She loved them!  Especially the swings.
She did walk the whole way and never asked to be held.  We only had one melt down.  On the way back to the car, she wanted a blow up dolphin on a stick.  We said no and she cried and cried.  B got her to stop by promising to print off dolphin color pages for her when we got home.

She had a really good time.  When we got to the car she said, "I like this place!"  Wait til she gets to go to Disneyland! :)

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