Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cara's Christmas Program

Cara's Christmas program at preschool was yesterday morning.  The kids walked over to the elementary school to sing their songs.  Cara was excited to see us there to watch her sing.  She waved several times when she saw us, but stayed with her class like she was supposed to.

She was excited to sing.  I love how her little dimples show in this picture.

Excitement soon gave way to nervousness once the program started.  The kids were singing Jingle Bells in this picture and were supposed to be shaking the bells on their wrists as they sang.  Cara sang, but didn't shake her bells.  I asked her later why she didn't shake her bells.  She said she was afraid.

Once she got comfortable she started shaking her bells!
The kids sang 4 songs and then went home with their families.

Santa had come to the classroom earlier and brought each child a present.  The girls got Princess Tiana Barbies.  I asked Cara what the boys got and she replied, "Nun chucks."  I was a little surprised.  I was thinking, "Who gives preschoolers weapons for Christmas?"  So I asked Cara, "What do they do with Nun chucks?"  She said, "They drive in the dirt."  DUMP TRUCKS!  Dump trucks makes way more sense for a present for preschool boys. ;)  Remember, she's still learning English. :) 

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